This page is dedicated to Nikola Tesla and his great inventions.
Last modified: April 3, 1999

What is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla, the rival of Thomas Edison, is the inventor who left its mark in the electrical engineering and the machanical engineering. Among them, the electrical power system based on polyphase alternating current system and the wireless system based on tuned circuit are regarded highly by the panel of scientific experts as the inventions which laid the foundation of the technological development of the twenteenth century. It is under the favor of Nikola Tesla that we can apply the electrical power freely both in the factory and in the home. The International System of Units, tesla, means flux density, was an honor awarded by scientific circles for such achievements.
However, by comparison with his achievement, his publicity is surprisingly low. This applies not only in the United States but also in Japan. On the other hand, the conspiratorial occultists spread around stories with no foundation. As a ressult, his reputation had gone from bad to worse. Some yeas ago, Aum Supreme Truth sect in Japan has visited to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade to seek Tesla's missing papers, which was a bad influences caused by such misinterpretations.
This site was come into being to make it known, especially to Japanese, that Tesla is the one of the greatest inventors in history. If you become aware of his achievement, you are bound to conslave to this man of great ability.

- by Masaaki Shindo

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